Center for Men Help Men With Fatigue and Weight Gain

Local Facility Focuses On Helping Me Who Have Lost Their Edge

TULSA, Oklahoma – October 16th 2015 – Since opening their doors, Center for Men has been focused on treating men who are suffering from low testosterone levels. Most commonly their patients report initially having low energy, low motivation, and a high level of fatigue. In many cases their clients also report having a low sexual desire and overall low erection quality.

Unfortunately, the research has shown that men who have low testosterone not only have erectile dysfunction, but they also tend to have decreased or even spontaneous erection. Thousands of their patients have reported having increased abdominal fat, a poor ability to sleep, and a reduced rate of muscle. However, the good news is that Center for Men is able to help patients who are struggling with these symptoms.

Patients with these symptoms are not alone. In fact research has shown that having low amounts of testosterone affects millions of men in the U.S. These symptoms also have a name, and that name is hypogonadism. This medical condition usually requires on-going treatment that is what Center for Men provides.

Doctors can diagnose low testosterone or hypogonadism. Once a patient has been diagnosed as a result of assessing signs and symptoms and blood tests, Center for Men can and does treat thousands of men like this on an annual basis.

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