Comparing Orange County Treatment Options

Some programs have been around for so long that their reputation speaks for itself.
There are plenty of alcohol treatment and drug addiction recovery programs available in Orange County.

The treatment platforms vary, of course, from facility to facility. Each brings different staff educational backgrounds, different ways of looking at the problems of addiction and a focus on different patient groups. When hoping to find a treatment program that is in-network and is also critically acclaimed and accredited by a third party independent review board, it may seem like an uphill battle to find a program that’s both effective, in-network and affordable.

There are many different ways for a program to brand and accredit itself. Some programs have been around for so long that their reputation speaks for itself. Some are new, modern and have the backing of objective science to substantiate their treatment therapies. There are blended or hybrid models that take the best of the legacy treatments which have been proven to work over time, and the best of the more modern approach of biochemical treatments, supported by rigorous research, and combine them into a new and more effective platform.

The benefits of the blended approach are many. The patient gets the opportunity to have as peaceful a recovery period as possible and is far less likely to suffer further psychological harm from the transition into recovery. When patients go into programs for substance abuse that offer limited, unqualified or no supervision, the process of recovering from alcohol abuse or drug use is not only frightening, but also very challenging.  The best place for the recovery patient is in a structured and calming environment where sobriety is a simple fact of life, and there are supportive and caring people who help the patient stay accountable and on track.

When comparing the different facilities that are available to patients who are searching for alcohol treatment programs, there’s a chance to really understand the approach that the program takes to rehabilitation. Especially in beautiful Orange County, CA, some facilities which mean to focus on helping patients regain their lives actually end up turning into convalescent resorts. While most people can use a relaxing vacation away from it all, and there’s some benefit to the addict in removing himself from his associates and his life of addiction; there is so much education and training required to beat addiction, that these luxurious resort properties are not the pathway to sober living for most addicts.

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