Tulsa Orthodontist’s Team Commits To Giving Back

The Medical Staff at KLOrtho.com Gives Back To Foster Children

TULSA, Oklahoma – October, 16th 2015 – The medical staff and leadership team at Kirkpatrick and Lai Orthodontics have put their entire heart into helping the children in need within Oklahoma. Although this story has begun to receive national attention, Kirkpatrick and Lai is a family owned medical practice that is committed to helping improve the lives of the children and families located within their own community. With the creation and execution of the their “Giving Smiles, Giving Birthdays” initiative, the growing family orthodontic practice is now donating $10 to the Royal Family Kids Camp for every new patient they are working with who decided to start orthodontic treatment.

Wayne and Diane Tesch who decided to leave a church position to found the Royal Family Kids’ Camp, Inc. on a full-time basis started royal Family Kids Camp. By 2008, the organization had expanded to include an actual school year Club and mentorship program. The organization changed its official name in the same year to Royal Family Kids. As the momentum for their organization has grown in 2012, the Royal Family KIDS actually was able to server a staggering 6,000 kids in 160 camps located within 35 states and within 11 international countries. Although it may seem unbelievable, over 80,000 children have enrolled in the camps since the year of 1985.

The founders of Royal Family KIDS, have worked together to coauthor three books titled The Healing Heart of a Child, Moments Matter, and From Despair to an Heir. Royal Family KIDS looks to fill a void and to help the astonishing amount of children in need located within the United States. Although the United States is often though of as the “Land of Opportunity” by many, the statistics related to the amount of abuse, neglect, and abandonment within the country do not lie.

According to the official online home of the Royal Family Kids Camp, on an annual basis within the borders of the United States, 3.6 million case of child neglect, abuse and abandonment are reported. Perhaps, most disturbing of all, according the Royal Family KIDS website, one of the victims of child abuse, neglect or abandonment dies every 6 hours to the abuse they receive.

During a historic interview with the Tulsa World, Dr. Joe Lai celebrated his team’s efforts, “My staff has come together for the good of others and we’ve even had new patients come to the office as a result of us giving back.”

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