Lisa Williams Media Specialist And Entrepreneur Chosen to Host Show on Business Innovators Radio

Media specialist and entrepreneur Lisa Williams has been chosen to host a new radio show on Business Innovators Radio. The segment will be themed “The Purple Cow Authority,” and Williams will feature professionals who are educators and advocates for their clients’ success. Williams is the founder of The Purple Cow Authority, a firm that offers authority marketing campaigns to clients which helps them stand out from the crowd and helps them to become the hunted, not the hunter, in their business.

Lisa Williams, media specialist and founder of Media Authority Marketing, Authority Book Consulting, LP, and her newest venture, The Purple Cow Authority, will soon host a radio segment on Business Innovators Radio. The radio show’s theme will be to recognize “Purple Cows,” and will feature Williams interviewing professionals and people who make a difference. In announcing the new show, Williams said, “I’m excited to speak with professionals who understand the importance of being an educator and advocate for their clients and prospects.  Approaching business from that perspective is an approach that has made business owners such as Richard Simmons, Suze Orman, and Dave Ramsey very successful. This show is the perfect platform to highlight those ‘purple cows.’”

The Purple Cow Authority theme was created after the concept was first introduced by marketing expert Seth Godin in 2002. Godin launched the idea of the “purple cow” by saying, “Every day, consumers come face to face with hundreds of people from the same industry saying ‘choose me.’  There is a lot of boring stuff out there, a bunch of brown cows—but you can bet they won’t forget a purple cow.”

Williams says this “purple cow” concept dovetails perfectly with authority marketing, which helps professionals to stand out as a niche within their industry. 

Featuring thought leaders, experts, and people who make a difference on her radio show is Williams’ way of introducing a grow-by-giving campaign that she is leading by example, offering exposure and great value to her guests. She had this to say, “Purple is the new Black, and Positioning is the new Marketing. This is my way of offering valuable exposure to professionals who deserve to be recognized.”  The interviews can be found on Business Innovators Radio, as well as iTunes, Stitcher, and Spreaker.


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Lisa Williams is a media specialist who helps professionals who are experts in their field to stand out among the crowd. She specializes in helping coaches and speakers, real estate, financial, and health professionals. She is the founder of Media Authority Marketing, Authority Book Consulting, LP, and The Purple Cow Authority. Her latest venture, The Purple Cow Authority, was inspired by the concept of the “Purple Cow,” or someone who stands out from the herd/crowd. The company helps professionals to become “Remarkable – worthy of making a remark about” in their industry. The company offers various marketing positioning campaigns that set their clients apart in their industry, and they leverage the media to build a client’s brand to increase their authority, credibility, and expert status. The Purple Cow Authority shows their clients how to become the hunted, not the hunter. The company also highlights businesses and organizations that are making a difference on a variety of platforms. 

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