SCOUTYNAUT Offers a High Precision Matching Service for Employers and Prospective Employees

With hundreds of millions of unemployed around the world madly searching for the optimal employment opportunity offered by organizations large and small, there is enormous confusion, waste and frustration. A new job search service called SCOUTYNAUT removes much of the redundancy and inefficiency that is common to the recruiting process. By incorporating intelligent, innovative features like digital applications, integrated video conferencing, refined search algorithms and real-time job availability, SCOUTYNAUT enables businesses and job applicants to dramatically improve their chances of finding the right fit with less wasted time and resources.

SCOUTYNAUT is a powerful new job recruitment service designed for instant and mobile access. This paid service will be available to users for a flat rate per year without hidden costs. Upon registering, users can submit photos, resumes, professional certifications, application videos, job specifications while retaining the ability to modify their profile at any time. Users can choose the parameters for their search, allowing them a large group of responses, or a more precise set of results.

When a user finds a potential match, they can utilize the integrated video conferencing system to interview in real time or delayed. Applicants can use SCOUTYNAUT to search for jobs across national and regional borders, and employers can find the best professionals from around the globe at any time day or night. The high security protocols used by SCOUTYNAUT ensure that all data is protected no matter where you are searching. SCOUTYNAUT is also compatible with the most common operating systems including Windows, iOS, Linux, and Android.

SCOUTYNAUT was founded to help businesses, job seekers, and their communities. Not only does SCOUTYNAUT help reduce the enormous toll on the environment that millions of tons of paperwork create, but it is also is committed to helping local communities. Five percent of all revenue is donated to important social causes, that are chosen by users.

Although SCOUTYNAUT promises to be a revolutionary new platform for employers and job seekers, it is still in development. The SCOUTYNAUT team has sponsored a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo to help raise the $500,000 needed to create this service. In return for your generous support, you can receive valuable perks like digital wallpapers, Backer certificates, SCOUTYNAUT storybooks, Beta access, up to lifetime access to SCOUTYNAUT, and exclusive SCOUTYNAUT backer status. SCOUTYNAUT also offers lucrative rewards for users that create referrals. Points from referrals can be used to obtain cups, keychains, caps, T-shirts, umbrellas, USB drives, hoodies, backpacks, Polo shirts, jackets, Apple watches, iPads, MacBooks, Lexus automobiles, BMW automobiles, Porsche automobiles or a house.

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