Leadership Expert Shows How He Can Help Your Company Grow

Author, Speaker, and Business Coach Wows Audiences From Coast To Coast

TULSA, Oklahoma – October 16th 2015 – Tim Redmond, the nationally renowned leadership and business coach who once helped a Tax and Accounting Software Company to grow from two employees to over four hundred and fifty employees is helping clients to experience profound business growth for the first time.

Although the self-help industry is filled with countless motivational speakers and gurus claiming to know the secretes to getting rich quick, Tim Redmond says, “It’s important to be fruitful then multiply.”

Tim’s advice may come across as counterintuitive to business people in a world where people want their food to be ordered and prepared within a matter of minutes and where companies like Uber and Facebook can become billion dollar companies in a few short years, but Tim Redmond’s results speak for themselves.

“It is important that business owners focus on being fruitful before they begin multiplying. Companies design and learn create duplicable and scalable processes that consistently deliver value to customers, employees and shareholders alike before they look to rapidly expand, that is what I help companies to do.”

Although Tim has been able to travel around the world to teach both the basics and high-level strategies needed for companies to achieve top levels of success he never lost sight of his vision to help others to grow a sustainable and profitable business.

Tim’s coaching expertise is birthed from a combination of very successful business start-ups as well as his amazing life adventures. His life follows a series of overcoming huge challenges.  He is one of eleven children and struggled for years to overcome a handicap from birth.  As a teenager, he was in an automobile accident. This accident took the life of his brother as Tim fought on the brink of death, having to learn how to read and write all over again.

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