Paffy\’s Pest Control Now Offering 10% off Residential & Commercial Bee Control in St. Paul

For more than 20 years, Paffy’s Pest Control has provided residential and commercial pest control in St. Paul, MN. Their team of highly trained and licensed exterminators permanently eliminates a variety of troublesome pests.

Customers should take advantage of a 10% off special on bee control from Paffy’s Pest Control, a dedicated exterminator in St. Paul, MN. Whether the customer needs assistance on a one-time basis or wants to schedule regular pest control services to ensure long-term protection of their home or business, these experts have got it covered.

Pest control treatment is available from Paffy’s Pest Control whenever a customer needs it throughout the spring, summer, or fall months. They devise strategic plans to exterminate the following pests from a customer’s property:

• Ants

• Spiders

• Rodents

• Bedbugs

• Cockroaches

• Bees & Wasps

• Black Velvet Beetles

• Asian Beetles

Bee and wasp stings are not only painful, but they are dangerous for residents or employees of the infested building. If an individual discovers a hive, they should remain calm and not attempt to swat the bees or wasp themselves—this only makes the pests angry. The exterminators from Paffy’s Pest Control specialize in bee and wasp prevention and have experience exterminating full colonies. Ask about their bee control special for a 10% discount on residential or commercial bee control.

Contact Paffy’s Pest Control at (651) 383-4651 to request professional extermination throughout St. Paul, MN, or visit for more information. They do everything they can to successfully eliminate troublesome pests for residential and commercial customers throughout the Twin Cities and the metro area. In addition, they will travel from Minnesota to Wisconsin.

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