Caring Things Co-Founder Ryan McManus speaks at Launch Mobile Conference regarding “The Future of Parenting”

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – 10/16/2015 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Caring Things Inc., a Columbus-based Health tech startup company, is proud to announce Co-Founder Ryan McManus’s invitation to speak at the Launch Mobile Conference today, discussing the future of parenting and Caring Things first device, Tympani, a smart thermometer that tracks the bodies temperature using a mobile application.

“We are honored to have been asked to present along side other awesome entrepreneurs that have developed IoT devices that help parents care for their children.  The future of parenting is as challenging as it is exciting.  Parents of older children know the challenges of managing Internet content and making sure your kids are having good habits.” said Caring Things Co-Founder Ryan McManus.

Ryan, a startup marketer and entrepreneur focused on Internet of Things and Health Tech, has launched over 30 products, with the intentions of using telemedicine as the next great frontier in healthcare, especially in 3rdworld countries that lack infrastructure and quality doctors.

The initial reaction to the launch of Caring Things first device, Tympani, has been overwhelming, with a very successful crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo (raising over $18,000), and over 300 units sold in over 50 countries in less than 30 days.

“Pediatricians have shown much support for Tympani, as it better connects doctors with their patients” said McManus.

With the popularity of smart phones, IoT platform based devices no longer have an age limit. Users of Tympani, young and old, can accurately detect the body’s temperature using their mobile smart devices.

“We have a lot of grandparents that have ordered Tympani, and everyone these days own a smartphone.” said McManus.

Caring Things Inc. continues to push the boundaries within the Health Tech industry, creating mobile devices that will improve the way we look at telemedicine.

“Our next big announcement is a personal healthcare record that will be a part of the Caring Things app.  After that, we will be introducing 3 devices for home healthcare tracking.  These devices will provide us with “total vital sign monitoring” and extend the services that a teledoctor can provide.” said McManus.

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About Caring Things

Caring Things Inc., based in Columbus, Ohio, is a healthcare technology company developing Internet of Things devices for consumers.  Founded by Li Wang and Ryan McManus, Caring Things is developing hardware and software solutions for at home healthcare.  The first product for Caring Things is Tympani, a smart ear thermometer for IOS and Android.  To learn more about Caring Things, visit


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