Creator of Cat-Fish Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Raise Production Funds

The creator of Cat-Fish, a fishing rod specifically designed to entertain cats, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise production funds.

Cat-Fish is the world’s first fly-fishing pet toy specifically engineered to “fish for cats” and provide both cats and their owners with an opportunity for interactive play.  Like a real fly rod, Cat-Fish requires practice for owner and cat to master and allows users to develop a range of casting and retrieval techniques in order to keep pets interested.  Now, the creator has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise production funds.

“Many wand-type cat toys have the same problem; they are boring and predictable,” notes the Cat-Fish creator.  “The unique design of Cat-Fish enables a series of prey-imitating movements to be generated using a fly-fishing technique. Cats and their owners will not get tired of the many different possibilities when playing with this innovative toy.”

The Cat-Fish rod is capable of casting more than 25 feet.  Users can exercise their skill and practice with overarm casts, side casts, roll casts, bow-and-arrow casts and underarm casts.  The Kickstarter campaign is designed to raise the capital needed to place the first order of rods and sell them to backers at the lowest possible price.  

For more information on Cat-Fish and to see it being used with a cat, visit the product website, where visitors can see videos, specifications and other information about the rod and how it is used.

As seen at, the Kickstarter campaign offers pledge levels from £10 to £200, with rewards ranging from t-shirts and stickers to Cat-Fish rods and packages at affordable prices only available to participants.  

For more information on specific pledge levels and associated rewards, see the Kickstarter page.

About Cat-Fish:

Cat-Fish is a unique type of rod and reel combination that allows users to entertain their cats using a “fly fishing” approach to play.  Now, the creator of this unique product has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for mass production.

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