Diamond core bits impregnated and surface set type

“Impregnated diamond core bits and surface set diamond core bits for wireline core drilling”
Wireline core drilling bits include impregnated and surface set diamond core bits, impregnated and surface set diamond casing and casing shoe bits, rod shoe bits. new diamonds are exposed to continue cutting through rock for impregnated bits, and surface set bits matrix crown are layed with natural diamond crystals of 40/60

Swift Manufacturing LTD uses advanced technology and exceptional engineering to produce the best mining products across the world. They offer a full range of equipment including impregnated and surface set diamond core bits, diamond casing and casing shoe bits, reaming shells, non-coring bits, core barrels, drilling rods, casing tubes, overshots, and thin wall core bits. From geological drilling and mineral exploration to site investigation and water well construction, Swift has the diamond drilling tool for every job.

Swift Manufacturing drilling equipment is made of top quality materials. Our superior products allow expert geological drilling of lower and upper surface hard rocks. Swift is proud to deliver advanced drilling equipment equal to products from brands such as Boart Longyear, Atlas Copco and Sandvik. Swift’s extensive range of drilling products are specifically made for geographical drilling, mining, oil field drilling and to beat the toughest rock.

Wireline Diamond Core Bits

The mining industry depends on wireline diamond core bits. For years these bits have been used by professionals for mining exploration. Wireline diamond core bits allow greater mining accuracy and precision. Before the advent of these bits, the mineral extraction industry was hindered by the slow, inaccurate process of extraction. Advanced technology and research created wireline diamond core bits which provide a solution to the previous problems associated with mining exploration.

Impregnated Diamond Core Bits

Impregnated diamond core bits for mining exploration are one of the most popular drill bits. Their durability, strength and resilience against the hardest rocks, make them indispensable to serious miners. The impregnated diamond core bit is designed with a sintered-powered crown fused to its steel body. This matrix can be utilized in all types of strata. When the matrix begins to erode as the diamonds become worn and rounded, the sharp, new diamonds are exposed to continue cutting through rock. The application of alchemy and extreme heat ensure the proper mix of diamond and metal. Various rock sizes will determine the proper bit for the job. Medium sized rocks can be cut with a software drill bit, while harder rock necessitates being cut with a smaller diamond.

Surface Set Diamond Core Bits

Layers of natural diamond are featured on the surface set diamond core bits. These diamond layers run along predetermined patterns on the active bit crown. This bit is recommended for drilling soft, mildly abrasive, unconsolidated formations. The surface set diamond core bits are also suitable for drilling tougher formations. Particularly in cases when the available bit loads and rotational speeds are insufficient for impregnated diamond core bits. Surface set diamond core bits are also effective in drilling sedimentary formations because they provide the best penetration level at a considerably lower cost.

Impregnated Diamond Casing Bits, Casing Shoe Bits, Rod Shoe Bits

Swift’s impregnated casing shoes and rod shoe bits feature a sintered powdered crown connected to a steel tool body. The metal crown is made of two layers: the matrix and backing layers. The matrix layer cuts through the overburden while the backing layer joins the matrix to the shank and supports the gauge-diameter. These bits are best for tough and broken formations.

Surface Set Diamond Casing Bits, Casing Shoe Bits, Rod Shoe Bits

Diamond casing shoe bits protect casing ends from distortion. These bits help casings traverse stratum to bedrock, carry mud to the earth’s surface and down-pass the casing when a drill rod is within the hole. This style of diamond bit is mounted on a bit crown-powdered metal matrix body anchored to a steel body. The crown matrix securely holds the diamonds in place for the lifetime of the tool.

Swift Manufacturing LTD always guarantees the highest quality products to our customers. We export premium quality drilling products to over fifty countries. Our expert staff have decades of experience and ensure that our customers receive the best quality service.

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