Craigenstein Earns Africa\’s No.1 Rapper Status

‘Eazee Lo Lo’, or East London, South African Rapper, recording artist, producer, label executive, entrepreneur and innovator Craigenstein has his eyes set on achieving the status of being the best Rapper in Africa. The artist has already made his mark on the South African music and rap industry through his signature style, passion and creative flair. Craigenstein has an album out which is currently available on all major online music stores including iTunes, Amazon, and ReverbNation.

Craigenstein’s journey in to the world of music began at a young age, at age 6 he had already found his artist calling through playing the piano. Since such a tender age his love for all this music has not stopped and has driven him to achieve the status of esteem he enjoys today as a rapper and a music producer. Craigenstein has been described as a dynamic, multi-talented MC with the skills to drop a phat punch-line, cook up a dope beat for it and run the label that distributes it. From the young age he gradually advanced to putting his classical music training to use in church bands.

Today, Craigenstein’s signature style of rapping and his beats are a reflection of what pushes him in life and drives him to achieve new heights of success. His current album titled “In This Deal” showcases Craigenstein versatility of style and music. The album has been created to provide listeners a seamless transition from upbeat party tracks in to more serious themes. The artists is said to draw inspiration from his own life, his aspirations and from the people and situation that surround him on a day to day basis.

Do The Damn Thing, a track from his recently launched album has been described as the South Africa’s signature style of rap with an uncomplicated, gutsy delivery. He’s more a straight-shooter than a rap poet whose message is couched in layers of ‘hood metaphors. Craigenstein is a believer of following one’s dreams, loving what one does and doing what one loves. It is his believe that by working with passion and putting in the hard work to achieve a dream ensures that the money follows.

Craigenstein said: “I do music for the love of it. Not trying to get paid… just doing me (but my CD in stores, so I guess I am getting paid… hehe) so if you like my work… Great! If you don’t too bad!”

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Craigenstein is the founder and owner of NoDough2MoDough Productions & Entertainment Pty (LTD) in Johannesburg, South Africa.


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