This Train restoration project gives a chance to people to put their name on NSW Railway History

Lachlan Valley and Albury Rail Discovery Centre have announced the restoration of NSWGR DEB Set (PF903, TBR855, TC751, HPF957) also providing the public a rare opportunity tocontribute and mark their name on NSW Railway History.

They have started a crowd funding campaign on Gogetfunding with a goal of raising raise money for the restoration of the DEB sets.To date the restoration has made over $10,000.00 in 10 weeks.

The DEB set was a main line, air conditioned express service that had an unusual configuration of Power Car – Trailer Car – Trailer Car – Power Car. This set was designed to work with two sets together to create a seven or eight car train.

The first DEB set was introduced on the 2nd November, 1951 on the North Coast Daylight Express from Sydney to Grafton but due to mechanical difficulties it was withdrawn from service in 1952. Because of this, the construction on the remaining DEB cars was also suspended.

The construction of these DEB cars continued when GM engines were installed after successes with GM engines used in Budd Cars from Canada and America. After construction resumed DEB sets went into service as the Canberra Monaro Express, Far West Express, Northern Tablelands Express and Riverina Express.

These DEB sets were better than before and they are remembered for their comfort and reliability among the crews and passengers.

The DEB’s worked on the Riverina Express to Alburyfrom 1972 until 1982 after which the brand new Daylight XPT service was introduced.

The DEB sets were slowly removed from long distance country services during the 1980s as passenger travel declined. Finally in 1995, after the introduction of Endeavor Rail Cars, all the DEB sets were retired.

In the last 15 years, no DEB set has seen the rail network under its own power but the success of this fund raising campaign will ensure that the sets see its service one more time to bring history back to the rails.


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