Online Brochure Creator Turned Digital Marketing Easy For FlipHTML5’s Users

Getting the buzz around any product or service and to make it reach a wide client base in an effective manner requires advertising. So far, print ads have been the major advertising method for the purpose. But with the internet and online platforms becoming immensely popular, print ads somehow are not getting that much effective. With most of the businesses and clients preferring online media, using online channels to reach maximum clients has become the need of the hour. To resolve the issues, FlipHTML5 have has come up with their new online brochure creator that enables easy creation and distribution of online brochures.

Reportedly, this online brochure creator has been created with a simple drag-and-drop interface to ensure its user friendliness. Normally the brochure making software which are powerful but their working remains highly complex that requires a detailed understanding of the technicalities, which the normal user lacks. Thus FlipHTML5 designer Anna Lee and team made sure that their online brochure creator is made keeping the end user in mind.

FlipHTML5 comes with a handy zooming function that allows the PDF brochure to be zoomed-in or out as per the requirement of the client as soon as it’s imported to the online brochure creator. This makes all the important information easily readable. Further, it allows embedding the keywords and search engine optimized text to the brochure so that it gets a higher rank and returns with an increased reach and greater number of visits and clicks.

Since the software works entirely on the cloud technology, the PDF brochure can be easily printed anytime, anywhere. All that the client needs to do is to upload the digital brochure to FlipHTML5’s cloud platform. It allows managing the documents and brochures on their online platforms and whenever required, the brochure can be retrieved and printed with just one click.

With many options of themes, templates, animations and a powerful editor, the brochure can be made highly interactive and attractive.  With its simple drag-and-drop interface, it provides immense user friendliness as the user doesn’t have to be an expert in the technical aspects of digital brochure making. With their cloud storage, these documents can be managed, shared and published online/offline over various platforms easily. Adamant on providing best services, FlipHTML5 software is consistently working on adding on new tools and features in order to benefit the end users.

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