Donna Jarock Announces the Perfect Lease with Right to Purchase Program

In Response to Low Rental Availability in the Denver Area, Donna Jarock with Metro Brokers has partnered with a national REIT to help renters choose the home they want to rent.

Donna has already helped many renters get into a home that meets their needs. “This program is great for renters who just moved to Denver or are just shy of qualifying for a home loan,” explains Donna, “my clients are able to choose the home they want to rent from most of the homes available for sale on the market.  The group I work with then buys the property and leases it back to my client with the right to buy in the future.”

Ms. Jarock goes on to explain how the Denver market has one of the lowest rental vacancy rates in the country and many families just cannot fit into an apartment if one is even available.  According to Donna, “this program allows people to choose the home that fits their needs and lifestyle without taking on the full responsibilities of home ownership and having the liability of a huge mortgage.  It allows families flexibility in that they can simply move out at the end of the lease as with any other rental. However, the family also has the right to purchase the home giving them the ability to test the neighborhood before making a big commitment.”

With any special program there are some qualifications to meet.  The renters must have a combined income, of all people signing the lease, of $50,000 or more per year and the credit score can be as low as 525 for at least one tenant.  Other qualifications may apply.

Donna does a great job walking her clients through the process and looks forward to helping many more in the market.

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