Leading Labiaplasty Surgeon Reveals New Sexual Sensitivity Findings

In a recent study published by PRSJournal.com, Dr. Otto J. Placik, a board-certified plastic surgeon, provided evidence that labiaplasty procedures may not have an adverse impact on sexual sensitivity, and can result in increased orgasm strength and frequency.

Dr. Otto Placik, a board-certified plastic surgeon and labiaplasty specialist, has recently published a study on the effect of labiaplasty on sexual sensitivity on PRSJournal.com. The findings of the study have strongly indicated that the common perception of labiaplasty’s effects on sexual sensitivity is largely unfounded. Dr. Placik’s research reveal that the procedure does not diminish sensitivity and correlates with increased strength in climax and improved orgasm frequency.

Before Dr. Placik’s study, prevailing beliefs have been that while labiaplasty improves the aesthetic contours of the inner or outer labia through the use of enhancement or reduction techniques, the procedure’s benefit was offset by an alleged reduction in sexual sensitivity. Dr. Placik, a plastic surgeon who has performed over 500 labiaplasty procedures, has had no experience with patients reporting any such loss in sensitivity, so he developed a study to confirm the anecdotal evidence suggesting that not only is there no loss in sensitivity, but that patients frequently experience improvements in overall sexual satisfaction.

Study subjects were evaluated according to the results of sensitivity testing performed two weeks after the elective labiaplasty procedure and then again after periods of three, six and 12 months. The subjects were also asked to complete a Sexual Function Questionnaire at similar postoperative intervals of three, six and 12 months. The results of these evaluative measures revealed study participants actually experienced an increase in labia sensitivity six months following the procedure, and over 35 percent of participants reported increases in both orgasm strength and frequency after the same period of time.

These results directly contradict the belief commonly espoused by those who denigrate the procedure by referring to the resection method used as a part of the study as the “amputation method,” claiming that nerve damage is an unavoidable consequence of labiaplasty. Dr. Placik’s published study demonstrates this belief is unfounded and that the procedure yields benefits beyond just cosmetic enhancement. For the many women who feel sensitive about the appearance of the most prominently visible part of their sexual anatomy, the findings of this study should be quite a pleasing development. 

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