Passfeed App for Meeting People and finding Social Events for USA College students


Healthier homes and better lives are built through effective communications and good relationships, and when these acts or arts are being learned at earlier stages of one’s life, the future is secured to a higher degree and the society at large would be safer and richer.

Passfeed understands the essence for good relationships and healthy communications, hence it has recently launched a new version of its social networking app 2.0 to help oil that path.

And it did choose the right demography and that is the college student sets in America. These college kids are the very ones that will make future homes, take up important positions in politics and many of tomorrow’s leaders, senators and governors and presidents are amongst them; hence Passfeed social networking hub brings all the students across America to share trending live updates, trending movies and selfies, pictures and you just name it.

The platform offers countless limitless opportunities for members on the network.

Students can find the next big party through the app by a quick search, and dating new girlfriends or boyfriends is made easier via the platform.

With over 40 million members worldwide rocking on board this network, more thousands are registered on daily basis and this is because Americans love what WORKS, and they say it is better than Facebook or twitter combined together with respect to the centralized community approach and targeting.

Via this medium through your iPhone or Android phones, folks can find and make new friends, discover the surrounding area and share life moments with other like-minded consumers.

This app rapidly gained fame and became the celebrated college dating app in America amongst top colleges in USA after its release and with version 2.0 just released, college students can now find and make more friends based on cities and flags, start up or join in trending parties, share real-time life adventures and express themselves to the world.

Passfeed is also accessible to Facebook users, and with the newer version 2.0, it is more simple and smooth, with improved interface look, new functions, settings, and easier application navigation.

About Passfeed:

Passfeed is a popular American social networking application for easy people-to-people networking & connection. By using this app, users can share and upload photos of their precious moments with several viewers and can get feedback, find parties nearby and strike new exciting relationships

To know more, log on to the portal of this app or download the app for free.

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