ArKay Beverages is announcing the Worldwide Launch of Alcohol Free Beer Dispensing Equipment, Draught Alcohol Free Beer Systems & 100 % recyclable PET kegs

MELBOURNE, FL – 19 Oct, 2015 – At ArKay Beverages we are passionate about alcohol free draught beer quality and we understand the importance of installing a draught alcohol free beer system that is capable of meeting the specific requirements of each and every individual venue.

“We aim to become the world leader in Alcohol Free Draught Beer & Soft Drink Alcohol Free Liquor Flavored drink Dispenser systems and to become also United States largest Alcohol Free beer system installer and maintenance service provider,” said Angel David – Vice President of ArKay Beverages.

ArKay expertise and extensive product range in both alcohol free beer & soft drink will make us the #1 choice for all hospitality fit-outs, covering the world’s biggest stadiums and entertainment venues, leading pubs and clubs, through to quick service restaurants (QSR) and convenience stores. Unlike alcohol, ArKay isn’t constrained by strict market regulations, therefore allowing it to be sold virtually anywhere.

At ArKay Beverages Systems we pride ourselves on manufacturing truly inventive beverage systems that provide outstanding reliability for the hospitality industry. Our product range covers alcohol free beer dispensing systems & soft drink systems.

Our new installation and service division ArKay Beer Systems will become the United States largest alcohol free beer system maintenance and repair service provider. The ArKay alcohol free Beer Systems team will bring you rapid specialist beer system services which include but are not limited to: preventative maintenance programs, alcohol free beer system installations, all of your spare parts and beer systems consumables, after hours and over the phone technical support and advice.

ArKay Alcohol Free Beer System

Our market leading alcohol free beer systems and alcohol free beer dispensers are the beverage system of choice for the world’s leading stadiums & entertainment venues.

Our 100 % recyclable PET Kegs:

• ArKay PET kegs are 100% recyclable – the only one way keg that is 100% recyclable

• Supplied clean ready to purge & fill, no water, steam, chemical usage or effluent

• Safe working pressure 3bar (43.5psi), testing to 7bar (100psi) at manufacture

• Keg automatically vents when empty for safety to ensure a zero pressurized keg is recycled

• The same product quality as a steel keg is achieved by the blend of PET used. Nylon provides a physical barrier to prevent loss of CO2. An O2 scavenger mops up O2 as it permeates through the PET. This does mean that an empty keg has a shelf life as the scavenger is being used up; ideally ArKay kegs are filled within 30 days of manufacture.

• ArKay PET Keg quality is also improved as there is always a new valve so no leakers. There is also no risk of cross contamination from the previous product in the keg.

• ArKay Alcohol Free Beer contains zero per cent of alcohol ArKay is made with sparkling water and malt, as a result ArKay Beer is 100% alcohol free.

Our secret ingredients are:

• CO 2

12 Flavors alcohol free beer are available: Alcohol Free beer Lager Natural, Chocolate, Cinnamon, Tequila, Grapefruit, Bitter lemon, Coffee, Honey, Ginger, Candy, Regalize, and Bittersweet packed in Aluminum Can, Glass bottles of Kegs.

About  ArKay Beverages Inc.

The company’s leading non-alcoholic spirits and alcohol free beer & soda include luxurious flavor favorites, such as ArKay Non-alcoholic Whisky, vodka, brandy, tequila, rum, gin, margarita, orange napoleon, Irish cream, coffee liquor, peppermint, just to name a few. ArKay whisky, vodka and rum alcohol free flavored cola has been launched this year as well as a collection of 12 non-alcoholic beer and 6 cocktails sold in glass bottles, aluminum cans and kegs.

ARKAY Beverages Inc. is based in Melbourne, Florida.

ARKAY reminds everyone, “Don’t drink and drive unless it’s ARKAY®.”

ArKay has done with spirits what other companies did with beer, but to an even greater extent. ArKay has invented a completely new beverage category of alcohol-free liquors. Unlike alcohol, ArKay isn’t constrained by strict market regulations, therefore allowing it to be sold virtually anywhere.

ArKay is not a Medicine.

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