Jeanmarco Cicolini Becomes One Of The Most Exciting Tattoo Artists in Recent Times

A tattoo artist known as the “Mandala Maker” who won the “Best Geometric” at Expo Tattoo Venezuela in 2014 is fast gaining a celebrity status in the tattoo world. His designs can be seen on people in all four corners of the world as he inks people as he travels from one country to another.

Professional tattoo artist Jeanmarco Cicolini, best known for his geometric designs, mandalas, and dotwork, has been attracting attention with his award-winning, elegant work.

Cicolini, who apprenticed in Venezuela and Italy, won the “Best Geometric” at Expo Tattoo Venezuela in 2014. Over the past five years, he has toured the world, inking his trademark minimalist style onto the skin of hundreds of people. His work has been featured on tattoo sites across the web, as well as at tattoo conventions around the United States.

Inspired by psychedelic art, minimalism, and visual effects, Cicolini creates depth with tiny dots that create intricate patterns, from sacred geometry to representations of natural objects.

As he travels around the world, Cicolini has had the opportunity to leave a mark – literally – on eager customers from Spain to the United States to Italy. His work ranges from small, discreet designs to boldly colored full-sleeve mandalas. He’s had residencies at the world-famous Miami Tattoo Company, as well as at Wildcat Ink North in Dublin, Ink Sweet Tattoo in Madrid and Carnale Tattoo Shop in Rome.

He was also at the Biggest Tattoo Show on Earth, a multiday convention in Las Vegas that draws tens of thousands of attendees and some of the best tattoo artists in the world.

Cicolini has advice for anyone who is seeking a tattoo.

“My advice to customers is that they have to love the tattooist’s work first, and then consider whether the tattooist’s style is the client’s type or not before doing it,” he said.

His style has developed him a following around the web and the world. It has also led to a spot on the Kuro Sumi Tattoo Ink Pro Team. He’s one of only four artists on the team.

Samples of Cicolini’s work, along with contact information is available at and

About Jeanmarco Cicolini

Jeanmarco, from Caracas, Venezuela, has a background in web design and has been tattooing professionally since 2010. He specializes in geometric tattoos, sacred Geometry, and dotwork tattoos.

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