Announcing A New Parenting Book Titled A First Time Parent’s Survival Guide: A How-To-Manual for the First Two Years

New Parenting Book Launched by experienced Pediatrician Dr. Clifford James aims to help new parents deal with the first two years of being a parent. The book has been written in a user-friendly way to be on hand as more than a friend rather than other books that dictate to the reader. He combines humor and personal experiences with relevant information about the first two years of a baby’s life.

Dr. Clifford James, Pediatrician, is proud to announce the release of his informative book entitled “A First Time Parent’s Survival Guide: A How-to Manual for the First Two Years.” The book was written as a response to many new parents who ask “Why don’t babies come with a how-to manual?” The book comes in paperback or Kindle edition and is sold through

The book is user-friendly and filled with all the facts that first-time parents need to know. The author often noted that other parenting books were more likely to scare parents than to help them.  The structure of the book is centered on the regular visits, which are scheduled with the doctor. There are no textbook-type discussions. Instead, Dr. James provides a combination of knowledge, cartoons, sarcasm, and humor.

Dr. James draws on his fifteen years of pediatric practice to offer insights on hilarious telephone calls, parents, and children with poor behavior, his medical knowledge and his personal experience as the father of three children. Many of the questions that new parents ask are included in the survival guide. It takes a lighthearted approach, without sacrificing reliable information.

Dr. Clifford James spoke to an interviewer recently, “All too often, we as doctors and parents spend our time concentrating on the work and difficulties of being a parent and miss the fact that our children are a tremendous source of joy and humor. I hope my book allows you to enjoy your children and have fun with them.”

For readers who appreciate the approach and humorous writings of Dr. Clifford, a new website will be launched in 2016. He is also the founder of

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About Dr. Clifford James

Cliff James lives in Oak Ridge, TN with his wife Kristi, sons Dalton, Tyler and Kaden, as well as some critters. He works in a busy pediatric office and has the time of his life doing what he knows he was meant to do… take care of children. He is the founder of and is currently working on a new website which will be launching in 2016.

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