New Book Titled A First Time Parent’s Survival Guide Offers Tips For First-Time Parents

Pediatrician Clifford James wrote “A First Time Parent’s Survival Guide: A How-to Manual for the First Two Years” to help new parents cope with the first two years of being a parent.

Drawing on his 15 years of experience as a pediatrician as well as his experience as a father of three, Dr. Clifford James has written, “A First Time Parent’s Survival Guide: A How-to Manual for the First Two Years,” a user-friendly and fact-filled guide to help people becoming a new parent.

Based on the insights he gathered from his practice, as well as sometimes frantic, sometimes funny phone calls from desperate parents, the book covers the most common questions new parents have, from the quantity and color of their baby’s bodily waste to serious illness to bad behavior. It’s written with the idea of bringing some lighthearted joy to the topic of first-time parenthood, and filled with quips, jokes and some of the disaster stories from Clifford’s experience as a father.

“Too often we as pediatricians and parents spend too much time emphasizing how much work and how hard it is to be a parent and we lose sight of the fact children are hilarious and a great source of joy,” Clifford said.

“Being a parent can be fun. It’s best to enjoy parenting as it happens instead of just looking back at it fondly when it is all over. Enjoy your baby and have fun with them. I can tell you, working with children is a fun job and has generated tons of stories and happy memories.”

Another unique feature of the book is that it includes insights from the youngest member of the James clan, Baby Kaden. Kaden offers his own perspective on life, as well as explaining why he cries when his mother goes to the bathroom, why he has such fantastic aim when his diaper is off and his take about a poo incident that took place at a restaurant.

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About Dr. Clifford James

Cliff James lives in Oak Ridge, TN with his wife Kristi, sons Dalton, Tyler and Kaden, as well as some critters. He works in a busy pediatric office and has the time of his life doing what he knows he was meant to do…take care of children. He is the founder of and is currently working on a new website which will be launching in 2016.

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