Airwheel good quality electric skateboards M3, Brightens Fashionable Street Snap

Nowadays, street snap has become a trend among the young people to show their uniqueness, personality and the vogue. The snaps are frequently seen in the fashion website, magazine or the album in the family drawer. Airwheel motorized skateboard M3 makes street snap cool and amazing with its stylish appearance and the fantastic tricks.

Originating in European and American countries, street snap has now become a fashionable cultural activity and won widespread popularity across the world. Distinctive theme, unique fashion and advanced photograph techniques form a successful street snap, also a work of art.

Airwheel wireless control skateboard

Featured with vogue style and advanced artisanship, Airwheel electric skateboards M3 catches the eye and leaves a deep impression on people. Therefore, the street snap with M3 is really a fascinating experience. The board of M3 is totally handmade, focusing on every detail and original design. The stickers on the board can be DIY and replaceable to make it unique. The rider can choose his or her favorite cartoon or caricature pattern as the sticker to show their individuality. The DIY process adds much fun and makes the skateboard original. The rider will feel a sense of achievement after it is finished and rides more confidently. Hence, M3 makes the snaps amazing. 

electric skateboards

In addition to chic appearance, flexible skateboard tricks provide street onlookers with unbelievable pictures. Airwheel wireless control skateboard makes it easier for the rider to perform such tricks as ‘The Aerial’, ‘The Invert’ and ‘The Ollie’,etc. Engineered to premium quality, M3 is of compact size and a great performance. It employs modular design which means each part works independently and effectively. Even some defects occur to one part, the whole system still works. Besides, with the built-in original automatic steering-sensor system, M3 works efficiently for the battery and the motor are with fine quality. It can reach the maximum speed of 18km/h with the largest load of 100kg. Its front and rear wheels are both equipped with elastic damping block made of TPU, which ensures comfortable riding experience. Therefore, the skilled rider can show their tricks much more easily and cool street snaps could be taken.  

Due to stylish appearance and premium quality, Airwheel electric skateboard M3 makes street snaps amazing.

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