What’s the Next in Daily Urban Transportation? Airwheel pu Electric Skateboard M3 May be the Answer

In urban area, the roads are crammed with traffic so private cars are no longer preferred means of transportation for workers. Also the foldable bicycles which can be taken to the subway is not so perfect. Fortunately, a new kind of transportation, Airwheel electric skateboard M3 has come into the market with its flexible body, delicate design and excellent functions.

With the population explosion and the development of urbanization, the city has become crowded so traffic congestion is frequently seen. An increasing number of people are bored with the  hustle and bustle in the city and feel pressured with daily commute. Private cars are no longer the best choice for commute because of the traffic jam and high cost. Bicycles are not allowed in the subway in some places and people have to ride a long way from the metro station to their destination. Good news here is that Airwheel motorized skateboard M3 is suitable for short-distance point-to-point transportation.

motorized skateboard M3

Compared with the private car, Airwheel maple electric skateboard M3 easily avoids the traffic jam during rush hours and can whizz across the streets freely, which can largely release the rider’s pressure for catching the time. Besides, powered by electricity, it is environmentally-friendly with no carbon emissions and advocated enthusiastically by environment protectors.    

In comparison with bicycles, Airwheel complete skateboard M3 is easier to carry and can be taken on the bus or subway. Therefore, for those who take public transportation, it is a good choice for point-to-point transportation to cover the distance between the station and final destination. Also, if the worker needs to go outside for lunch or buy something, the skateboard can help him save much energy and time.

motorized skateboard M3

Premium quality cannot live without commitment to refining the product in every detail. Airwheel wireless remote control skateboard emphasizes much on artisanship and design. The maple board is handmade with the selected materials and cutting techniques. Equipped with high-quality Sony battery and automatic steering-sensor system, Airwheel M3 offers the rider a distinctive experience with easy operation and smooth sliding, just like surfing on land.

Airwheel M3 refreshes the monotonous lifestyle and injects new vigor in the daily life. 

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