Automatic and Flexible, Airwheel electric skateboards reviews M3 Frees the Feet

The newly-developed Airwheel electric skateboard M3 is wireless remote controlled so the operation is quite easy and the rider just needs to put the feet on it, which greatly frees the whole body and soul with its flexibility and automation.

Deeply rooted in western culture, the skateboard has attracted numerous young people worldwide and developed to the electric one. Airwheel motorized skateboard M3 is with human-friendly design in that with wireless remote controller, the rider can change the speed of M3 during traveling, just like the automatic shift car. The effective distance of the remote control is within 10m. Besides, the rider can lean forward to accelerate or backward to decelerate and the direction can be controlled by the gravity change. Therefore, the operation is quite easy and it only takes one minute for a green hand to master it.

Airwheel motorized skateboard M3

Also the rider does not need to use feet to assist the sliding because the skateboard is powered by electricity. Premium Sony battery of 81.4Wh or 163Wh is used with long lifespan and good navigation ability. Hence, Airwheel maple electric skateboard M3 frees the feet and saves much energy for the rider.

Airwheel wireless control skateboard

In addition to automatic and electric operation, Airwheel complete skateboard M3 is quite flexible due to its small size so it can whizz across the crowded streets or narrow lanes freely with no worry of traffic congestion. It is also a good way to travel in the scenic spots or the park to enjoy the beautiful scenery with the favorite music on. With the weight of 11.5kg, it can be carried along with the rider. However, the other larger vehicles such as electromobiles or bicycles are easier to be stolen when they are parked in car park. Another advantage is that Airwheel M3 makes it easier for the rider to perform the fantastic tricks which makes the travel more exciting and adds much fun due to its original automatic steering-sensor system. Meanwhile, it guarantees the rider’s safety with the wider tyres and elastic damping block. 

To sum up, Airwheel electric skateboard M3 frees the body and soul with its wireless remote control and flexibility. Meanwhile, it guarantees the rider’s safety. 

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