Airwheel M3 Boy Electric Skateboards, the Green Way of Traveling

Automobile is not the wise choice for everyone since it produces air pollution such as car exhausts emission. Besides, as the fuel, oil belongs to non-renewable resource which is of less quantity each year. The born of Airwheel M3 announces the green era has come. Compared with the traditional electricmotor, Airwheel M3 is the total new way of traveling.

The emission of carbon results in global warming; besides, the decreasing production of oil threatens the development of automobile industry. Traffic jam becomes the social issues in some large cities. The appearance of electric skateboards rescues the society by an environmentally-friendly and a green way.

motorized skateboard M3

Airwheel M3 is an innovation since it does not copy the traditional unicycle. It looks more like a skateboard which is of simple design. Besides, for the green hands, the motorized skateboard seems easier since they just need to stand on a plate rather than keep balance while standing on one or two wheels. The skateboard in light of its shape can reduce fears of some customers since they believe standing on the plate is safe.

The usage of Airwheel M3 is easy. It is equipped with remote control. Just stand on it, and press the button of the remote control to start. The Airwheel electric scooter is powered without any manpower. Then, riders can travel on the road as traveling by the general skateboards.

Since the speed of Airwheel M3 is faster than the general one, the manufacturer installs the  skateboard with wider tyres which can be steady on the road in case of sudden turnover. To guarantee the comfort of riders during the process of riding, the motorized skateboards utilizes the damper mass with the special material TPU to reduce shock or damp when they are traveling on the narrow rocky path.

electric skateboards

Under the plate of Airwheel M3, the double intelligent balance chips are inserted to keep balance intelligently. The skateboards with chips can keep the safety of riders to the most extent when it meets sharp turn or overspeed.

Why not own an Airwheel M3 which is greener, more economic and more powerful than an automobile. Perhaps customers can have a totally new lifestyle with the wireless remote control.

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