The Buried Treasure Under The Sea

The “Report of Global Seabed Market Forecast” issued on May 29, 2014 showed that the aggregate capital spending on global seabed system will be 117 billion dollars from 2014 to 2018 with the estimated annual sales volume reaches to 400 billion dollars in 2020. Now, the value of proved deep seabed mineral resources already equals to 150 trillion dollars of gold reserve.

The increasingly active exploitation of deep seabed mineral resources is undertaking a more important role in human social and economic development with seabed mining has become a new economic growth point. Australian government vigorously supports investment as well as deep-sea prospecting as it provides preferable policy and revenue for large-scale mining enterprises.

Australian Nautilus Wealth came to an agreement with Indian biggest natural gas company (ONGC) recently that they will exploit the hydrocarbon in the Bay of Bengal in north Indian Ocean and northwest Arabian Sea by joint contribution, which worth 9.838 trillion Rupee.

In March 2016, the Sagar Vijay drilling rig in ONGC Company will bore 630 meters deep into Krishna-Godavari basin firstly in Andhra Pradesh Seas, the Belford Dolphin drilling rig will bore 2800 meters in the Bay of Bengal since May and the Discoverer Seven Seas drilling rig will bore 1100 meters in Arab Ocean since July.

Nautilus Wealth will explore and develop rare multi-metal tuberculosis that contains dozens of elements such as manganese, ferrum, nickel, cobalt as well as copper and rare earth resources together with ONGC Company.  The expected output will get to 18 billion dollars.

Mark Cutifani, the president of Nautilus Wealth said that Australia and India have much in common in ocean development because they are all big countries of ocean as well as contractors of international seabed authority. This cooperation is another great cooperation project of exploiting deep-sea prospecting in new seas in succession to the joint exploitation of resources in relevant seas by Nautilus Wealth, China National Offshore Oil and Korean Land and Marine Department.

Mark Cutifani, the president of Australian Nautilus Wealth also expressed in our interview that he would participate in the stockholders’ meeting held in March 2016 and raise the plan of issuing additional stock.

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Nautilus Wealth is on the leading position in exploring sea treasures and is in control of future wealth.Nautilus Wealth Foundation was founded by mining giants Anglo American PLC, Epion Holding Limited, Teck limited, Barrick and Commerzbank, TOM Group Co. Ltd, Charles Schwab, Tangent Capital and Sunoco in 2013.

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