Free New Mobile/Web App Iconic Passwords

Free New Mobile/Web App Iconic Passwords helps anyone develop stronger and easier to remember passwords

New York, NY – October 19, 2015 – Developed by Christopher Cinq-Mars Jarvis, the app allows users to choose from a large number of images to generate a unique and robust password surpassing the strength of most passwords.

Iconic Passwords is a free service in which a user chooses a number of our 3000+ icons to copy a robust and unique password to their clipboard, specific to the sequence chosen. 

Simply memorize a few sequential images and use Iconic Passwords to copy your generated passcode to your clipboard at any time. Your passwords will be easier to remember, painless to type, and harder to hack. Best of all, Iconic Passwords never asks for or stores any of your data. While it uses a base conversion algorithm to generate your password, there is nothing about the algorithm itself that could ever suggest what your password might be. In other words, each passcode is unattainable without your sequence of images. 

As there about 72 consistently accepted characters for modern passwords, you can imagine any possible combination as a number expressed in Base72. Most passwords require a minimum of six characters, so the number of possibilities can be expressed as 72^6, creating over 139 billion combinations. Iconic Passwordsmay involve as few as 3 icons, and gives substantially more strength if 4 or 5 icons are chosen. The string of images may also be encoded with a PIN #. 

Iconic Passwordsworks on most browsers and is available as a downloadable app for iPhone and Android. It is also available as a browser plugin for Safari and Chrome.

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Christopher Cinq-Mars Jarvis is in New York, NY.


Cinq-Mars Media is based in Kalamazoo, MI.



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