Technology being weapons, Soling Marches towards Navigation Market with Efforts in October

Recently, Soling Stock (with the stock code 002766) takes a heavy punch again. It will launch four new products into market in October which marks Soling another significant market strategy since it succeeds in being listed.

Soling Navigation Technology Shines 

Recently, Soling Stock has taken a heavy punch again after three months of succeeding in being in listed. It is an attempt to strengthen its advanced position in the navigation filed. As is learned that Soling stock will launch four new products into markets in October, except two large-screen intelligent vehicle navigations, there are two rearview mirror navigation products launched. With this opportunity, the diversified technology innovation will take the subversive changes for the whole navigation industry again.

As is acknowledged that this time, Soling Stock will release a series of new products which are featured by high technology and advanced in interconnection greatly. Except 4K super definition display, online entertainment, the interconnection between mobile and navigation, artificial navigation and voice control all provide navigation total new application modes. Meanwhile, Soling Stock inputs many safety considerations into the new products, such as real view navigation, DVR recording, OBD diagnosis, Tire Pressure Monitor (optional), 3D Wrap-around View (optional) and RVC (optional) etc, all of which reveal the application of technology in a full way.

As the leading enterprise in the industry, after 18 years development, Soling Stock has independently developed about two hundred products which spread all over the country and even are sold in more than 60 countries and areas all over the world. Accordingly, Soling Stock holds a very solid clients group which enables Soling Stock foreseeing the market demand so as to develop the product that meets the customers’ needs in a sustainable way.

It is believed that, under the tide, of the Internet+, Soling Stock will constantly improve the intellectualization, entertainment and informatization of GPS so as to increase the navigation’s added value. The competitive power of Soling Stock’s products has advanced in the whole industry. This time, Soling Stock develops a more intellectualized CID system based on the internet development. It shows the direction for the whole industry again with the colorful technology.

It is worthy of believing that this time, Soling’s constant release of new products with technology as the topic will lead the whole vehicle navigation industry to the innovation stage. Under the lead of Soling Stock, the vehicle navigation industry has been in the way of transformation. So let’s rub our eyes and wait to see.

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