Mesotherapy Atlanta Launches Updated Website

Mesotherapy Atlanta Adds Enriched Resources about Non-Surgical Cosmetic Medicine Technique

ATLANTA – Mesotherapy Atlanta, a provider of Mesotherapy, a non-surgical form of cosmetic medicine, announced today that it has launched an updated version of its Website,  The new site offers visitors enriched resources that give a full description of the Mesotherapy process and its pros and cons as an approach to weight loss and improving one’s appearance. 

“We have been experiencing a huge surge in interest in Mesotherapy,” said a spokesperson for Mesotherapy Atlanta. “So, instead of spending more time on the phone explaining our treatment approach over and over, we decided to add more detail about what we do to a new version of our Website.”

Mesotherapy targets subcutaneous fat, with treatments involving the injection of pharmaceutical and homeopathic medicines into the fat to make the fat go away.  Mesotherapy also makes use of vitamins, minerals, extracts from plants as well as other materials to deliver the figure and level of health that the patient desires.  The treatment can be used to reduce cellulite, belly fat and local fat deposits.  In Mesotherapy Atlanta’s facial treatments, Mesotherapy can be used to improve the look of aging skin.  Their process delivers nutrients and amino acids directly into skin has been previously affected by poor circulation due to aging.  Mesotherapy has the ability to increase collagen and elastin production to make the skin look rejuvenated and radiant. 

The term “Mesotherapy” is derived from the Greek word “Mesos,” which means “middle.”  The technique has been practiced in Europe and South America for more than 50 years but it is relatively new in the United States.  Mesotherapy injections are thought to target adipose fat cells, inducing lipolysis that ruptures the cells and causes cell death among adipocytes.  

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