Jecicadress Launches the “Get Your Free Party Dresses at Jecicadress” Activity

Jecicadress selects several products from its party dresses collection and bridesmaid dresses collection to send to its customers. It is open to the public. Anyone who has or has not shopped at Jecicadress can get free dresses by taking part in this activity.

Jecicadress always give surprise to its lovers. This time Jecicadress holds an extremely amazing activity named “Get Your Free Party Dresses at Jecicadress”. Fifteen selected dresses will be sent out to its customers worldwide. Of course, as usual, these dresses will be made to order. In other words, these free dresses will be made to fit their wearers perfectly.

This activity is not targeted at its old customers. New customers who have not bought any things from Jecicadress can also get the chance to win free party dresses or bridesmaid dresses if they join in it. Then how to take part in it? First, people should register at Jecicadress. It is necessary because it can make sure the justice and that it will help Jecicadress to process. Second, they need to share Jecidress’s posts in their social media such as Facebook, Pinterst or Tumblr. Or they can put up their dresses which bought at Jecicadress and share the picture in their social media. Finally, they have to capture the screen into images and submit the images when applying for the free products for the first time. So they do not have to submit the screenshots each time.

This activity lasts about 15 days. Every day, one new dresses will be added on the particular page during the activity. So there will be totally 15 dresses, ten of them from the party dresses collection and five of them from the bridesmaid dresses collection. People can apply for any of the 15 dresses they want, but they can just apply once each day. So if Mary knows the activity before it starts, she can apply for all the 15 dresses while Anna who knows the activity one day after it begins can just apply for 14 dresses. And if one just like one dress from all the 15 dresses, she can apply it for 15 times to increase the chance of getting it for free. 

The application entry will be closed automatically after 15 days. Jecicadress will gather all the data, select the participants at random and audit the result. Five days later, the result will be published on the website. The winners can contact customer service by offering their information about their address and their requirements for the dress. The winners need to take pictures after wearing the dress they win from Jecicadress, and publish it in their social media. What’s more, they need to send the pictures to Jecicadress. Jecicadress will put the pictures in the “style gallery”.

Jecicadress tries to satisfy its customers in many ways. It will never be the last activity Jecicadress will hold. So wait for more amazing activities!

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