RIBA Venues – Technology is encouraging the Evolution of the Conference Industry

Technology is ever present and social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are now part of many conferences.

The conference world is changing due to technology, as was predicted however it is changing in a different way to how many thought. Many people believed that more businesses would hold virtual conferences and webinars as video conferencing technology improved. People thought that face to face conferences would decline. Although webinars are popular, face to face conferences have not declined at all as businesses realise the benefit of the personal touch. Technology has actually helped to enhance traditional conferences as more look to integrate social media in order to reach a wider audience.

Companies realise that by incorporating social media into a conference, they are able to expand the conversation outside of the venue walls, changing an event of 500 to potentially thousands online as well. Not only do companies benefit from the personal touch, they are able to network and build business relationships and also able to reach a lot of people for relatively little cost, creating lots of brand awareness.

Stephanie Ellrott form RIBA Venues, a large conference venue in London, said: “the conference landscape is changing and technology is being utilised to get the most out of conferences. Second screen technology is being used at quite a few events now in order to encourage delegates to share information online. This in turn helps to promote the event and get businesses talking. Here at RIBA Venues we make sure our rooms are modern and offer state of the art audio visual equipment along with a good Wi-Fi connection to enable our guests to get online quickly and easily”

She went on to say “social media is incredibly popular. Everything now has a hashtag in it these days and people spend hours every day online on social media sites.” For those that do not already know, a hashtag is a method of categorising online posts such that others interested in the topic can read it easily. It allows you to search for what people are saying on a particular topic and engage with others. 

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