No.4 Hamilton Place – The Conference World Meets Social Media

The conference world is evolving and social media is being integrated into events as hosts seek to reach larger audiences.

Conferences are very popular with businesses with thousands being run every day. Emily Falconer from No. 4 Hamilton Place explains “Conferences get likeminded people together to discuss a topic of common interest. While this can be done in many formats, face to face conferences are popular as they are usually more enjoyable and give people the chance to network and build business relationships. Networking is so important and trust is absolutely essential in modern day business with so many unknown online companies.”

She went on to say “The difficulty with face to face conferences is that you are limited by the size of the venue. Of course there are some very large venues out there but the cost is usually proportional to the size of the venue and budget is normally limited as well as people’s contact lists. There is no point hiring a huge venue unless you have the guests to fill it. In order to reach a wider audience, businesses are integrating social media into their event.”

Social media is an online, interactive system that allows people to create and share information. This can be text, images or videos depending on the platform that you are using and popular sites include Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. It is hugely popular and has audiences comfortably in the millions. People typically use it as a way of getting the news, hearing the latest gossip and expressing themselves. As well as being an enjoyable past time, it has given people a voice and allowed them to voice their opinions publically to millions of online users. Businesses have taken to social media as a way to promote their brand.

Mrs. Falconer explained that “Second screen technology is becoming more and more popular. It allows delegates to view information on their mobile device in real time which helps them if they are positioned somewhere that viewing the projector is difficult. It also allows them to take screen shots and share information online, building brand awareness and generating publicity for the company speaking. No longer is it frowned upon for people to be on their mobile device like it used to be; now it is encouraged!”

No.4 Hamilton Place is an events venue providing conference space in London. The conference rooms are modern with state of the art audio visual equipment.

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