Yesfinds an online classified website launches

Yesfinds is a recently launched online classified website that has been introduced to provide people within the U.S. a convenient online platform to list their ads for Yard, Garage and Estate Sales even Swap Meets as well as for sale ads to attract those who are looking for bargains. The online classified website has been designed to be user friendly and allows users to post and list their ads in an easy, simple and quick manner that is comparatively much easier than all other alternatives.

The developer of YesFinds believes that to the success of an ad listed on a website such as their all depends on how unique it is and its capability to attract the attention of buyers. A web classified is a convenient and affordable option for people who wish to sell one or a few items but do not have the needed marketing skills that may help their prospective buyers to notice their ad.  The developer of YesFinds suggests that all those who wish to post an ad or a listing on the website should consider building an attractive appearance of their product to entice buyers.

He suggests: “Lighting, a good camera and a stable surface should do the trick. I want to just say something about a stable surface. There’s nothing more frustrating than the vase falling over and breaking with the eight dollar price tag.  The other stability issue is when holding the camera. So here’s a trick that might work for you. Set up your camera on something stable and where you can see the viewfinder. Note where it’s looking and seeing. Place your items in that field of view. It allows for you take the picture without worrying about shakiness and blur.”

Another helpful suggestion made by the developer is to focus on the wording used to sell the product as well as to define it. It is scientifically proven that today’s online crowd has a short attention span and therefore lengthy description might not be in the best interest of the ad, it has been suggested that the written content is kept short and sweet without complicated words or jargons.  Also important selling points and desirable elements should be highlighted.

The developer further explained: “Yesfinds is free to browse. Registering is only required for posting. When completed you get access to your own dashboard controlling your own ads.”


Yesfinds is an online listings website for Classifieds and Yard Sale Ads.

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