RIBA Venues – Use Social Media to get the Most from Your Conference

Maximise the value of your conference by engaging those online by incorporating social media.

The world is evolving, none more so than the way that we do business. Technology continues to improve and many traditional methods are being replaced or are adapting. The recent recession hit many businesses hard and forced companies to tighten their belts and to be more efficient.

The internet has had a big effect on business, especially with the introduction of social media. Although the concept is relatively simple, the impact it has had on people’s lives has been huge. Many people spend several hours each day on sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and rely on them to express their opinions, tell people how they are feeling, share experiences and pictures with people and stay up to date with what is happening around the world.

Businesses look to social media to connect with current and potential customers, generate publicity and brand awareness and in doing so, increase sales. They are also using it to manage public relations as many people voice their experiences online, realising the impact that it has.

Many businesses run conferences in order to get people together, understanding the value of meeting people in person and building business relationships. Networking is more important than ever as technology promotes virtual contact, lessening the times people meet face to face. The difficulty with holding a conference is that businesses are limited to the size of the venue, budgets and the size of their contact lists. By incorporating social media, companies are able to carry on the conversation beyond the conference walls, maximising the value of the event.

Stephanie Ellrott from RIBA Venues, a central London conference venue, said: “A great way of incorporating social media into a conference is by using second screen technology. This is where delegates can view the presentation on a mobile device in real time. This makes it easier to view the slides but also allows them to take screen shots which they can then share online, effectively widening the audience.”

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