F-Tech Solutions Has Become One Of The Most Recommended Asset Locator And Asset Recovery Services In Houston

The company supports investigations, law enforcement and debt collection. The Houston-based company makes the process of recovering assets simplified.

Using proprietary methods developed over more than a decade, F-Tech Solutions has become one of the leading asset locator and asset recovery contractors.

The company provides more than 100,000 asset searches each month using its nationwide bank account search system, supporting law firms, banks, data providers, law enforcement and judgement enforcement agencies, among other clients. The company also specializes in asset recovery, helping some of the largest corporations in the United States to find mass money hidden in accounts, collect debts and recover stolen assets.

Law enforcement and large corporations aren’t the only ones who can benefit from hiring an asset location company. People who inherit property or money but don’t know where the funds are stored can also use F-Tech Solutions to find mass money and help recover what is rightfully theirs.

“FTS prides itself on having the fastest turnaround times and most reliable data in the industry,” a spokesman for the company said. “We also make an extra effort to create an open dialog between customers to resolve problems in a timely. It’s important to consider an organization that not only meets but surpasses the demands of this ever changing Industry.”

As an asset search company, F-Tech Solutions has developed solutions that assist its customers in locating the information they need with real-time searches.

“Most other companies in our industry only use databases to locate debtors’ bank accounts or employment information,” a spokesman said.

“F-Tech Solutions has constructed a proprietary solution that retrieves real-time banking and employment data. Our staff is composed of experienced executives from the collection, insurance and real estate industries who can assist clients in meeting their goals.”

F-Tech Solutions also works with banks, agencies and corporations around the world to recover debts and stolen money. The company’s experienced investigators follow U.S. and international laws and regulations, as well as the highest ethical standards, to trace assets, request those assets from the proper authorities and then initiate legal proceedings if necessary to recover the assets.

More information about F-Tech Solutions and the company’s asset locator services and asset recovery services is available at www.f-techsolutions.com.

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