FlipBuilder Announces Release of Update with bug fixes for popular software

“Interactive content publishing software”
FlipBuilder has recently released crucial updates to innovative content publishing software, Flip PDF, to repair bugs and ensure continuity of service for users.

Providing an excellent product is key a valuable part of what makes FlipBuilder successful. After positive reception of the most recent release of Flip PDF version 4.3.11, FlipBuilder is announcing an update of content publishing software Flip PDF Version 4.3.12 to repair bugs that have come to light over the last few weeks.   

While bugs are often a part of any new software release, FlipBuilder understands the importance of moving quickly to make necessary repairs and updates to keep ensure that users do not waste or lose valuable resources with downtime.

Wanting to ensure consumer satisfaction, the team at FlipBuilder has been working tirelessly to test and repair the issues that have been reported by their customers.

These repairs include:

• Fixing cause of error message: “Error occurred when publishing flipbook in Command Line Mode”

• Fixing issues with wide pages not working correctly.

• Improving the cut bleed box feature.

• Adding multiple languages function for bookcase

• Fixing cause of error message: “Error occurred when canceling publishing flip book”

• Fixing cause of error message: “Error occurred when opening publishing directory”

• Fixing issues with the thickness of the flip book not showing properly

• Fixing issues with pages not showing properly when zoom feature is in use.

Quickly releasing this software update will mean minimal interruption to marketing and business processes for FlipBuilder customers. Users can now download the bug fixes and continue using this innovative software to help keep their businesses operating efficiently, with unique marketing tools at their fingertips.

For more information, or to download the newest release of FlipBuilder, please visit: http://www.flipbuilder.com

About FlipBuilder

FlipBuilder is a unique, professional digital publishing platform, geared toward providing users the best answer to convert static PDF files into their own web-ready flipbooks. With a focus on simplicity and ease of use, FlipBuilder far surpasses the traditional print publications of the past.

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