Local photobooth company prepares for its fifth event at historic hotel

OhSnaps Photobooths brings it’s event service to the Mayo hotel

Tulsa, OK – October 20, 2015 – Tulsa based OhSnaps Photobooths is preparing for the wedding of Christina and Tim Mally, which is being held at the famous Mayo hotel in downtown Tulsa, on January the 2nd, 2016. It’s the fifth event that OhSnaps has been a part of, and will be the first wedding of the new year for the growing company.  

“Christina & Tim are a great couple, we are excited to be a big part of their big day, and it’s even cooler that it is being held at the Mayo,” co-founder Matthew McKenna said. “This is by far the nicest venue in Tulsa, everything here is first class, and we love being at events here. All the history involved with the building, all the glamorous accoutrements, knowing John F. Kennedy has walked through these halls, Babe Ruth has walked through these, halls, it just makes a big event even bigger. We have a lot of new features in our booths that we are debuting in 2016, and there is no better place to do it than at the Mayo.”

Featuring a booth that is up to three times bigger than competitors booths with lower prices than other premium photobooth services, OhSnaps has seen steady growth since the formation of the company in mid-2013. Aiming to provide the most value of any company in the guest event service business, OhSnaps will be offering open booths and video booths in the upcoming year. The open booths have been a hit at non-profit events because of their “fashion-shoot” style setup, but they have not been offered at private events in the past. The video booths are brand new to the Tulsa market, and will heavily use social media to send out the guest’s good-times to all of their friends and family.

“We have fulfilled the niche of the typical booth experience, and have done it in a way that we feel is better than what other companies in the area offer. But we are excited to grow beyond that. As technology keeps advancing, video sharing has become just as common as photo sharing, and now our guests will be able to save and share their video from the event immediately, creating fun memories in the moment and something that is a lot of fun to look at down the road. With three distinct options, it’s sort of a remodel of the way we currently present our business. Remodeling is something Mayo knows all about, so in a way the new OhSnaps should always have been debuted here.”

The nineteen story Mayo hotel was originally opened in 1925 as the tallest building in downtown Tulsa. The Mayo brothers, Cass A. and John D., spared no expense to make it the most opulent hotel in the state of Oklahoma. This led to celebrities, politicians, and sports superstars calling the hotel “home” as they traveled through the southern portion of the United States. After closing it’s doors in 1981, it opened back up in 2001 after an extensive remodel that was completed by the new owner of the hotel, the Snyder family.

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