The WATKINS Curriculum No. 8 in surgical grade stainless steel with superheated top ring, A timeless design melding tradition with elements and modern accents

Vienna, Austria – 20 Oct, 2015 – From the fine lines and curves to the intricate detail and craftsmanship, shares their love of watch tuning with the world one face at a time.

“Watches come and go, when you see ours with a list of features that goes on and on, you’d expect to pay more for it all, right?” says Alexander. Well, the WATKINS Curriculum No8 is an exceptional example of value in a sport watch.

The name is inspired by the globally-renowned track The Glen in New York. Formula 1 races used to take place there, and nowadays NASCAR and Indy cars fight it out on this circuit. Our two-toned date function is homage to racing: two colors symbolically fighting one another, but more often belonging together.

It’s got a Superheated Top Ring that gives it an edge over its competition at a similar price point. A sportive chronograph that allows you to not only see what time it is.

Alexander is a watch designer and he knows manufacturing requires experience. It can be a true bottle neck for every watch brand to work.

I hope we will see more micro brands that dare to make different designs. That listens to their customers and will have a fair price/value ratio.

Check it out to see what this new timepiece can add to your outfit without breaking the bank on their hompage:





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