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The increase in customization of various undergarments is an important growth driver for the global intimate apparel market, as vendors are focusing to address the specific needs of different consumers. The increase in the customization of bras is a major demand driver of the women’s intimate clothing, which is further boosting the growth of the global intimate apparel market. The increasing economic growth, along with per capita income, and gradual increase in population are some of the other drivers, which are intensifying the growth of the global intimate apparel market.

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Intimate apparels are the undergarments worn next to the skin, under the outer garments. A corset is a type of intimate apparel, which is worn by men or women as a foundation garment to alter the body shape. Intimate apparels help to reduce the friction of outerwear against the skin and help to keep outer garments from being damaged or soiled by bodily excretions. Intimate apparels also shape the body and provide support or concealment to various body parts. They also are called intimate clothing.

Intimate apparel are generally of two types, those that are worn to cover the waist and legs, and those that are worn to cover the torso, though there are also apparels which cover both.  An undershirt (also known as a vest) is a piece of underwear covering the torso, while underpants, drawers, and shorts cover the genitals and buttocks. The word “lingerie” is associated more with women’s intimate apparel, but is categorized as a term for undergarments for both sexes. For women, core intimate apparel consists of not just bras and panties, but also thermals, hosiery, and sleep lingerie. Intimate apparel is also gaining momentum among retail stocks, as seasonal shifts take place.

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The increasing demand for bust-sized bras according to the preference of users for comfortable undergarments is one of the trends experienced in the global intimate apparel market. Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein and Emporio Armani are the top three iconic brands that men buy. In terms of women’s lingerie, Victoria’s Secret leads the sales in the market. For women, the core intimate apparel, apart from bras and panties also consists thermals, hosiery, and sleep lingerie. For men, core intimate apparel involves boxers, briefs and trunks, among which the briefs are more preferred in Europe, than in North America.

Europe constitutes the largest market for intimate apparel, and is therefore one of the focus areas for all major players in the lingerie market. The growth in Chinese intimate apparel market is the major driver for the growth of the Asia-Pacific intimate apparel market. North America and Europe, together account for more than two-third share of the global intimate apparel market. However, with economic growth in the South East Asian economies like India and China, the intimate apparels segment is expected to provide potential market opportunity in the future.

Certain incidents of skin allergies from renowned intimate apparel brands are the major factors, which are hindering the growth of the global intimate apparel market.

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Shenzhen Maniform Lingerie Co. Ltd., PVH Corp, Fruit of the Loom Inc., L Brands, Hanky Panky, BAREWEB INC., Chantelle Group, Hanesbrands Inc. are some of the competitors in the global intimate apparel market.

On the basis of types, the global intimate apparel market can be divided into:

  • Men’s Intimate Apparel – which includes vests, boxer shorts, briefs and boxer briefs.
  • Women’s Intimate Apparel – which includes underwear, sleepwear, daywear, bra, panty and shape wear.

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