Denver, Colorado Life Coach Uses His Near Death Experience To Inspire People With His New Book Dancing With Vampires

Near-death experience inspires author to put pen to page and help people to lead a positive life. David Strauss shares lessons from his second chance at life

A falling rock could have ended author, speaker and coach David Strauss’ life, but instead it changed it by giving him a second chance and a new way of looking at the world, which he shares in his new book, “Dancing with Vampires.”

In 2008 Strauss was exploring ancient Anasazi ruins in New Mexico when a rock fell on his head. His solo walk to safety with an open head wound and concussion led him to face the possibility of his own death. His harrowing experience in the desert gave him an insight that has led to his new book, which is meant to inspire people to take responsibility for their own happiness, health, and well-being.

The book offers seven lessons Strauss learned as he got a second chance.

The seven lessons are:

•  Surround yourself with people you can learn from

•  Self-image is everything

•  Own your life

•  Your questions shape your reality

•  Life is about energy and vibes

•  Gratitude is the remedy

•  Self-love is the prize

In the book, Strauss uses the word “vampires” to refer to the negative people who rob others of happiness and suck their energy. It also describes negative attitudes, which drain enthusiasm and create self-defeating thoughts.

That metaphor runs throughout the book, and Strauss uses it to help readers understand how they can be aware of energy vampires around them, as well as their own inner vampires. Once they are aware of them, they can remove their influence. That leads to the ability to take ownership over their own lives, to take responsibility for their own happiness and to become empowered to function at their highest potential. That way, Strauss argues, readers can live emotionally rich and fulfilling lives.

This is Strauss’ second book. His first, “Footsteps After the Fall,” chronicles his near-death experience in the desert and his recovery process. He is also the founder of the Giggle Yoga Project, which offers lessons for people who want to improve their lives and increase their happiness.

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