The Caddieye Rangefinder Operates Seamlessly with Smartphones to Instantly Provide Flag Distance to Golfers

For many golfers, the greatest challenge is determining the actual distance to a hole. With the new Caddieye rangefinder, golfers can quickly and accurately learn the distance to any flag. Caddieye is a powerful device that works with any iOS or Android smartphone to instantly calculate the distance to a flag. Unlike other rangefinders, Caddieye uses Bluetooth technology to combine the powerful laser emitter with the many cloud-based features of your smartphone to create an effective sporting platform that will improve your golf game.

Developed in conjunction with major technology and sporting authorities like First Round, HAMK, Conseptas, and Loimijoki Golf, Caddieye is specifically designed for golfing and disc golf enthusiasts. Caddieye is a laser emitter that attached to the back of your smartphone and an app that utilizes your smartphone’s camera to produce a range that is accurate to within two meters. The rangefinder is controlled by an Arm Cortex-M3 microcontroller and powered by an independent battery with a micro-USB connector for fast recharging. Caddieye uses the smartphone camera to capture a visual image of the landscape while you select the target to measure. This robust system also stores key information about your performance as well as thousands of golf courses in the cloud so that you can instantly access it from anywhere on the course.

Caddieye promises to revolutionize the games of golf and disc golf, but it will require your support to reach mass production. The Caddieye team has sponsored a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise $90,000 which will be used for certifications, testing, mold costs and mass production. In return for your generous support, you can receive perks like Caddieye apps, T-shirts, snapback, rangefinders, and special edition golf balls or discs.

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