Passfeed Current Usage Around the World

Passfeed Current Usage Around the World

Passfeed that started as a simple social app has grown to be something phenomenal today. More people are joining the app each day to enjoy what it has to offer. As of today, the app has over 40 million registered users who are looking to interact with other different people around the world. Close to 8 million people use the app each day to interact and exchange media files. Right now you should be wondering why more people each day are using the app. Get to know more about how the app is being used all over the world.

When it comes to usage, Indonesia takes the lead with more users than any other country or region in the world. The country takes a large share of 30 percent. All this is can be attributed to the fast growth of the mobile phone sector in the country. There is now more mobile phone penetration into the country than before. Figures from the country’s communication regulator show that close to 21 percent of the internet users are now on Passfeed.

Thailand comes in close with 21 percent of the total users on Passfeed.  This country has been championing for mobile phone and internet connection penetration to different parts of the country. You can always be sure to find someone anywhere in Thailand using the Passfeed app to interact and connect with new friends.

Malaysia takes the third spot with 11 percent of the total users. This percent is about to increase in the next few months with more people from the country now using the app. The United States and Singapore get 10 percent and 3 percent respectively. The remaining 25 percent is shared among the different countries around the world. The United States is quite notable today as it is getting more users each day with the recent increase in social apps. Passfeed seems to be doing well as compared to the different new social apps in the country.

The social apps nowadays are common to a certain age group who like to stay glued on their smartphones. As for Passfeed, the over 40 million users are categorized into five major groups that closely use the app. The first group and that carries the most users include people between ages 18 to 24. This constitutes 48 percent of the whole population. As for ages 25 to 34, they constitute 35 percent of the total population on Passfeed. The numbers keep on decreasing when people go on getting older. As for ages 35 to 44, only 6 percent are of that age. Ages 45 to 54 bring in a close range of 5 percent. Lastly, those people over 55 years make up for only 3 percent.

It is evident that most people using the college dating app are young and like to chat all day long. Passfeed has many great features that the young people can enjoy. With its sleek design, and additional features for sharing media files, it should not be a problem attracting more you people to using it.

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