Richard Leger Does Good for Others in Business and Nonprofit Organizations

Leger is a trustworthy individual; his work in various organizations and business proves this.
In the ever-changing, fast-paced modern world, it can be easy to lose sight of what is really important.

Keeping ethics involved in everything one does is crucial to contributing to making the world a better place. Richard Leger does everything he does for the good of others whether it is in his business or outside activities.

Leger’s professional life consists of helping senior citizens stay in their homes. He does this by facilitating reverse mortgages for them. In doing this, a senior citizen can tap into the equity of their home and eliminate their monthly mortgage payment. The money saved by doing this can be put toward retirement plans or even to contribute to paying for the high and increasing costs of necessary medications. Debts can be paid, and bills disappear as seniors are able to both stay in their home and stay afloat financially.

With his creation and involvement in the Abolish Slavery Coalition, Leger helped countless victims of human trafficking and sexual slavery become liberated. He brought resources to survivors and supplied educational and vocational training services to them. This noble cause should not go unnoticed, and there is a need for more individuals like him working toward a common goal: to benefit all of humankind. He spread the awareness of the subject, and supported Proposition 35 with was the Californians Against Sexual Exploitation Act, or CASE. In this proposition, more strict punishments are enforced for those who are caught and convicted of human trafficking, and those who are convicted must register as sex offenders so that others can be aware of the dangerous individuals.

Now, as Chairman of Rock of Africa, he brings hope to underserved areas of the world. He provides relief to a sick, dying and suffering population by bringing them medicine, food, clothing, and educating them about diseases such as HIV and AIDS. Those who are facing difficulty in areas such as Zimbabwe and Zambia need individuals to help them. Those individuals who are suffering because of the living conditions in these countries of Africa need all the help they can get. Leger knows this and personally sees to it that those individuals receive the aid that they need in order to live more successful and healthy lives.

Leger is a trustworthy individual; his work in various organizations and business proves this. He has experience, and from it has the knowledge required to succeed in such goals. Leger knows how to help others and continues to do so in a fast-paced modern world.

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