Introducing cloudyBoss, A platform for Smarter Enterprising

“The age of ‘broken lines’ economics is over”

20 October, 2015 – Sydney, Australia – Multi-awarded digital pioneer Giovanni Di Noto announces today the launch of the cloudyBoss Kickstarter campaign (click here), a revolutionary platform for Smarter Enterprising. On 27 October 2015 in Brighton Beach – Australia, Giovanni will explain why a pivotal HDC (Hague District Court) decision in June 2015, ordering the government of The Netherlands to implement a circular economy, is granularly permeating all aspects of industry worldwide. The cloudyBoss organization accelerates this shift toward new strategic directions, new economics and better business practices around the world.

Commenting on one of the key topics in his opening address at the ACS Annual Design & Construction Forum next week, Giovanni states: 

“The shift from linear to circular economics is underway. The age of prices pseudo-equilibrium defined by supply or demand broken lines is over! The transition might take time however is steadily occurring, inexorable and, more than if or when, has become a matter of Law in The Netherlands.”

Recipient of a multitude of industry and technology awards, and other prestigious recognitions and commendations, Giovanni Di Noto has built public digital platforms since the 1980’s, created some of the first commercial internet service providers in the early 1990’s, and has since then pioneered interactive society, smart cities, new economics, ecommerce, internet of things & web 4.0

Years before their materialization, Giovanni successfully predicted the emerging of disruptive digital currencies such as ‘Bitcoin’, as well as the accelerating proliferation of ‘negative rates’ policies by major reserve banks, key symptoms of an implosion in conventional mainstream economics.

“Today’s businesses are both agile and wide in scope with a more pronounced focus on ‘survival of the fittest’ strategies.

They have high efficiency, scalability and elasticity requirements, far more acute than the needs of their 19th and 20th century predecessors.

However, the latest market research into management systems (such as the Gartner September 2014 ERP Magic Quadrant) shows significant opportunities for visionary Enterprise Resources Planning tailored to the 21st century,” says Giovanni Di Noto, who then adds:

“While the HDC (Hague District Court) has clarified a need for governments to accelerate a circular economy, such principles must be deployed at a more granular level with businesses and consumers. Effective tools and new business models to materialize these principles at the transactional frontline were still lagging or simply absent until recently: this is one of the gaps that cloudyBoss bridges.”

The cloudyBoss organization will release in 2016 an integrated universal 3P (Planet People Profit) planning, recording and reporting module combining social, physical and financial accounting into one highly automated feature that will further enrich other existing cloudyBoss ERP modules.

cloudyBoss will also expand from 2016 onward its unique MaaS (Multinational as a Service) distribution model, a share economy Uber-like principle applied to global corporate structures.

A first wave of crowd-funding campaigns is now rolling out to support cloudyBoss expansion, and engage with a current global B2B market estimated at 500 million organizations. 

About cloudyBoss

A spin-off of the Australian GDN consulting & private equity firm, the cloudyBoss organisation has operated with 50 global clients on a beta pilot basis for the past 18 months, ironing out both its sophisticated technology and innovative organizational model; it is now establishing its global headquarters in Australia with subsidiaries across 8 regional markets (ASEAN, China, India, Far-East Asia, Middle-East, Africa, Greater Europe and Americas) while further strengthening its worldwide network of certified partners and strategic allies.

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