Omninox Launches Kickstarter Campaign for a Better Classroom Experience

The Kickstarter campaign will fund software that reduces time teachers spend creating and grading assignments by as much as 85%.

The narrative on American teachers today looks grim because they are overworked and under-appreciated. So, Omninox is creating an online platform where teachers can save countless hours through automatically generated and graded assignments. Three entrepreneurs–Yatit Thakker, Drew Vincent, and Jake Yap–thought of the idea after talking to dozens of teachers. They implemented it using their engineering backgrounds and the help of licensed content from a billion-dollar education publisher. 

In March, Omninox was able to collect data and feedback from almost 2000 teachers and students who used the platform as part of a free beta test. From that, they built a more robust prototype. However,  they want to add more collaborative elements to the platform that would encourage teachers from all over the world creating and sharing content for various subjects with each other. “A global community. That’s the ultimate vision. A network of teachers helping each other to create a more engaging classroom experience,” says Yatit Thakker, Co-Founder and CEO of Omninox. “After speaking with teachers back in June, we found that there was a desire for ‘rigorous’ questions,” says Omninox Co-Founder and COO Jake Yap. “The word ‘rigorous’ is thrown around a lot in education, but it really applies here because we are building a place where teachers can find quality questions created and voted on by other teachers.” In order to accomplish this goal, the Omninox team has taken their idea to Kickstarter to raise $6,000 in less than 30 days.

Omninox’s Kickstarter page has more information about their journey and vision. There, one can contribute as little as $5 to participate in the creation of a better classroom experience for both teachers and students.

About Omninox:

Omninox is one of many education startups out there, but unlike other companies, Omninox’s unique focus is on creating a simpler and more engaging classroom experience. Not just on disruptive innovation because kids disrupt the classroom enough.

Visit their website at or follow them on twitter at @omninoxco

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