Super Axe Boy – a super axe-citing 2D/3D platform game is launching on Kickstarter

Offenburg – SUPER AXE BOY, a unique and fresh approach to the beloved platform game genre, is launching a 30-day Kickstarter campaign from Oct. 20th 2015.

SUPER AXE BOY aims to deliver an “axe-citing” platform game experience that switches back and forth between 2D gameplay, as known from the classic games of 8-bit era, and slick 3D gameplay situations and graphics from the modern gaming generation. A mix of chiptunes and a garage rock soundtrack will accompany the game’s unique visuals.

The game is set for release on computer platforms (Mac/Windows/Linux) as well as all current-gen consoles (PlayStation 4/XBox One/Wii U), if the associated “stretch goals” of the Kickstarter campaign are met. The Kickstarter aims to raise at least 25’000 EUR for the computer versions of the game with stretch goals spanning up to 60’000 EUR.

The game’s Kickstarter trailer can be viewed here:

Set in a colourful low-poly world, SUPER AXE BOY is about the titular lumberjack Axe Boy and his friend Bebob who need to save the world from an alien invasion that is led by a sneaky alien beaver race. While on this unlikely quest, players need to double jump and dash through challenging 2D/3D stages and wield their axe to defeat enemies and create new path ways by falling trees and using them in creative ways to overcome gaps.

“I think the best way to do a game is to make something you really love and you’d want to have for yourself too,” said Matthias Falk, indie game developer from Offenburg, Germany, about his game. “I want to take things a huge step forward by creating a unique platform game experience that will both remind us about the things that we have come to love about those games and that have defined our generation.”

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Matthias Falk is an independent game developer from Offenburg, Germany. He has already published two successful games for iOS – his 2nd game “Super Obstacle Boy” ( has been featured in several leading mobile gaming sites and has accumulated a small cult gathering of fans. Matthias has a broad and deep understanding of designing and developing software as well as games and has successfully lead a multi-national peer-to-peer services internet start-up and strategy consulting projects in the last 7+ years.  

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