Arora Team: A Technology Cartoon Your Kids Will Love

Madrid, Spain – On October 6 2015, Toni Ortega launched a Kickstarter campaign for Arora Team, a fun cartoon series that will explain to kids how technology works using an easy language that they can understand.

“Today we live in a situation where some parents understand technology, but they are not able to explain it to their kids. The other case is when parents are not used to technology and cannot explain anything to them,” the creator explains, “For example, the Internet is one of the best tools that humans have invented – but not everything on the Internet is good. What can we do about this?”

Now more than ever our kids are growing up surrounded by technology. They might even already know how to use it pretty well, but do they know about all of the dangers that come along with it? Rather than keeping your kids away from cell phones and tablets or constantly watching their actions online, Toni Ortega and the makers of Arora Team believe that education is the answer. 

All children will have to use technology as they grow up (for school, work, keeping in touch with friends, etc.) and they should all have access to the tools they need to learn to use the Internet responsibly. Along with the first three chapters of Arora team, this Kickstarter campaign will help launch the Arora Team club, a private zone where fans can see exclusive images and blog posts, give their feedback, play games related to the cartoon and more. 

“Most kids expend hundreds of hours watching cartoons. Why don’t we create cartoons that are fun, but also teach them how technology works in a simple language they can understand?” asks Ortega, “This is our objective. We would like you to support this project so we can create 3 chapters that will be available totally free on YouTube so every child in the world can watch them at any moment.”

In exchange for pledging to the project, backers can gain access to a variety of rewards including a newsletter and digital image with the text of your choice plus 1 Arora Team Club membership for €5, two Arora Team Club memberships and a digital download of all three chapters for €25 and more. Backers can also pledge €50 for 4 memberships, a digital download of the cartoon and an Arora Team t-shirt!   

For more information, please visit the Kickstarter page here.

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