Off the Cuff Optics™ Launches WristReaders™, The First Wrappable Readers, via Kickstarter Campaign

Campaign Reaches 50 Percent Funding Benchmark Within First Four Days

SEATTLE, WA – October 20, 2015 – Off the Cuff Optics has launched WristReaders, its innovative and first of its kind wrappable readers.   WristReaders are a creative answer to a problem faced by many reaching middle age:  diminishing eyesight caused by a loss of elasticity of the lens of the eye.  The condition, called presbyopia, affects nearly 1 in 11, or 24.5 million people in the U.S. The result is  trouble reading menus, bills, letters, texts or the newspaper.  WristReaders bring the fine print back into focus in a fun and accessible way.  Through November 13, fans can support the product’s development through a Kickstarter campaign.   Demand for the product has been so strong that within the first four days of the campaign, WristReaders has already reached 50% of its funding goal.     

Reading glasses help correct presbyopia, but they are the bane of many.  In addition to making them feel old and “uncool,” reading glasses are often forgotten when people travel, go out to dinner, go shopping or to a meeting.  Everyday activities like texting, shopping, reading a label or perusing a menu become impossible without reading glasses.  WristReaders are a hip, convenient alternative to traditional readers.  The revolutionary new product enables users to keep their reading glasses comfortably and stylishly on their wrist, close at hand, all day long.  No other glasses currently on the market feature WristReaders’ innovative, patent-pending “head to wrist” interchangeability.  

WristReaders are the brainchild of Michele Smith.  Smith is a former marketer and interior designer who combined her passion for design, simplicity and innovation with her own need for more user-friendly readers.  As wearable tech products proliferated, she thought, “why not wearable specs?” and the idea for WristReaders was born.  “They’re the perfect accessory for people who are active and on the go,” says Smith.  “If you’re super dependent upon your readers like I am, WristReaders are a life-changer.  I hope people will support our Kickstarter campaign and allow us to ramp up our production. It’s very rewarding to see the tremendous response we’ve had so far to the campaign and product.”

WristReaders are a result of three years of research and development, fine-tuning the prototypes and working to find a manufacturer in the United States who could produce and assemble the product.  The soft, flexible elastomer frame has no temple hinges, no nose clips or pads, no traditional temple arms and no ear pieces that reach all the way around the ears. Instead, WristReaders’ frame is one continuous, soft, flexible form with ends that terminate at the temples, exerting just the right amount of pressure required to sufficiently and comfortably stay in place across the face.  The proprietary magnetic clasping system allows for quick and easy fastening in three different sizes. They can be wrapped around the wrist, a purse strap, briefcase, backpack or gear shift and stick to anything metal.  WristReaders have optical-grade polycarbonate custom-beveled lenses, with a scratch-resistant coating. The flexible readers are available in three powers: +1.50, +2.00 and +2.50 and currently come in five colors.  

WristReaders are available through support of the Kickstarter campaign, running through November 13, and on   Every pair of Wrist Readers purchased includes a donation to Guide Dogs for the Blind to help those who are blind or who have low vision. 

Off the Cuff Optics is based in Mercer Island, WA, just outside of Seattle, and is owned and operated by Michele Smith.  WristReaders are manufactured and assembled in the U.S.

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