Literary Devices: Vast Source of Literary Terms, Elements and Techniques

Literary Devices is a vibrant website for definitions of literary terms, elements and techniques

October, 2015 – Literary Devices ( is a resourceful website that defines all the literary terms, elements and techniques. The website offers an educative platform for writers, students, teachers, readers, linguists and all lovers of literature.

Literary Devices offers definition and technique of usage on more than 120 literary devices all listed in alphabetical order. It is easy for visitors to pick out a term from the big list on the left side of the website. Alternatively, one can search for a device using the search bar. With the list growing, the website is set to be a rich online mine for information on literary devices. Other than defining a literary device, the website gives several examples from famous global literary icons such as William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, Toni Morrison, Harper Lee, and Jane Austen among others. In addition, the site includes short quizzes to test a reader’s understanding. The quizzes are usually fun and catchy.

The website offers students and teachers a rich source of information they can use in academic work. Besides assisting academic users, the site is also a quick and reliable resource for freelance writers and bloggers who need a reminder for common literary devices such as similes, allegories and metaphors.

The Literary Devices website prides itself in having a vibrant and highly interactive presence on social media. It has followers on Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and Facebook. On many occasions, the sites fans engage each other in conversations about various literary devices. Representatives from the website respond to questions from the fans and discuss about controversial and interesting literary devices. The websites benefit greatly from the comments and views of its fans as it seeks to keep all the content as relevant and as up to date as possible.

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