Mobilizing an Existing Website

In February, 2015, Google announced that it would begin severely penalizing websites that were not mobile friendly.
When a company has invested in a website, it can be difficult to think about redeveloping the whole thing from scratch.

While one of the best things about the internet is its ability to change as needed, over time, but making intensive changes to the structure of a website is more than some organizations want to undertake every year.  Keeping up with changes to the key algorithms that run the internet’s search engines is important, though, and worth the investment. A website that can’t be found is not a very productive representative of the business.

In February, 2015, Google announced that it would begin severely penalizing websites that were not mobile friendly. The change in their algorithm went into effect in April, 2015 and had an immediate and very chilling effect on some companies’ search results. Companies that have websites which were designed more than two years ago, or which do not have a maintenance contract with a professional web developer, would do well to partner with a company like eBrandit. Leveraging the eMobilepackage, companies can easily and quickly convert their website to a mobile enabled, Google friendly site.

For those organizations that already have responsive websites, or websites that were created with the ability to mobilize, there is still a big question about aesthetics and usability. Search experts believe that Google will continue to up the ante on mobilization, requiring more and more mobile capability from websites in order to achieve higher search engine rankings. The ability to easily find the site’s call to action on every page, without scrolling around on a small screen, will influence the customer’s behavior on the site. Potential customers give a website only three to five seconds before they move on to other options. Sixty-seven percent of those potential customers will not try a site again from a desktop computer. The message is clear: making a website both appealing and easy to navigate on the new, critical mobile platform is more than just a tool to trick Google’s search algorithm.

Making a business website mobile is an important business strategy that eBrandit can help companies implement properly. When mobilization is combined with the powerful eBrandit SERP package, the value can propel a company to the top of the right search results, in front of the right audience, with a beautiful and functional website that can easily be navigated on any platform.


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