Mercy Regional Hospital Removes Paper, Cost and Hassle from Processes with Access’s Evolution Paperless Electronic Forms Management Solution

For several years, Mercy Regional Health Center (MRHC), an acute care facility in Manhattan, Kan. has used Access Intelligent Forms Suite to generate electronic forms on demand, which are sent into EHRs without indexing through seamless integration with the hospital’s Perceptive Content system.

When MRHC recognized the need to remove paper-related bottlenecks from other processes, they again turned to Access and its paperless e-forms and workflow suite, Evolution. Human resources (HR) was the first department to roll out this solution.

Previously, an employee submitted a paper form to their department director to request paid time off (PTO). This was delivered in an inter-office envelope and sat on the director’s desk until he or she had time to review it. After indicating whether the request was approved or denied, the director signed the document, put it back in the envelope, and sent it back to the employee. Another copy went to the COO’s executive assistant, who updated the organization-wide time off calendar and archived the form.

With Access Evolution, the employee downloads a PTO e-form, completes the fields and applies a secure digital signature, which also puts the time of signature and date on the form. Next, Evolution automatically sends a notification e-mail to the director, who reviews the request, selects an “approved” or “denied” checkbox and digitally signs the document. Copies are then sent simultaneously and electronically to the employee and the COO’s assistant.

“Access Evolution has made our PTO process faster and more efficient,” said Laurie Beffa, systems analyst at MRHC. “It saves time for employees and directors, and has eliminated paper.”

MRHC’s HR department is also using Access Evolution to manage new employees’ 30-, 60- and 90-day evaluations. For these surveys, Evolution uses the employee’s name to pre-fill position code/name, start date, department, director, and so on. Based on the position code, all the review questions are populated from another database. This speeds forms completion.

In addition, the payroll team provides an exempt staff time sheet e-form to non-salaried workers who are employed on an hourly or contract basis to quickly log and submit their time.

“Using Access Evolution for our 30-, 60- and 90-day new employee evaluations helps us see what’s working, and to quickly identify and resolve potential challenges,” Beffa said. “It assists in employee retention and enables staff members to boost our recruiting efforts by recommending contacts who’d be a good fit for Mercy Regional.”

Another employee interaction that MRHC applied Evolution to is the hospital’s Bright Ideas program, which encourages staff members to submit suggestions for improving internal and patient-facing services. Once an employee submits this form, Evolution maps pre-defined information onto a second form, which is sent to each member of a cross-department committee.

After the committee reviews the idea, it’s passed on to the appropriate director to take action. Evolution writes to a third-party database that is connected to a report services module, enabling automatic status updates on MRHC’s employee intranet.

“Evolution has helped us make our Bright Ideas initiative a success,” Beffa said. “Being able to see the progress of their ideas shows employees that they’re being listened to.”

Access’s paperless solution is not only effective in administrative departments, but also in clinical areas. Staff members in MRHC’s radiology clinic use Evolution to enter information in a post-discharge survey e-form when they call patients to ask about their experience.

“With our post-discharge survey for radiology patients, Access Evolution’s digital signature functionality enables us to see who called the patient and when, so we have a trackable process,” Beffa said.

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